S2, episode 23: Garrett Schumann

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Jeannette sits down with composer, teacher, and music observer Garrett Schumann. Garrett is someone who’s constantly thinking about music and its place in society and culture, and conversation with him is always interesting and thought provoking as a result. They talk about things like composition as therapy, creations that take on a life of their own, new methods of marketing, Taylor Swift, Meshuggah, and much much more.

Check out Garrett’s work at http://www.garrettschumann.com, follow him on twitter at: @garrt, and have a look at his new music ensemble: http://aepexcontemporary.org

(this picture has nothing to do with composition, music, or keyboards, but I liked it for Garrett, and as his friend, I kindly did not ask for his permission and just went through his pictures on Facebook like a creep until I saw one that made me LOLLLLLLLLL. hopefully he won’t yell at me).

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