Episode 9: Jonathan Tsay-the pianist who doesn’t care how you pronounce pianist (Part 2)

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For Part 2, Jonathan bares all: how a glitch in paperwork nearly cost him a musical career, how he chose freelancing over tenure track, what he has learned from his musical mentors, and how he is thankful even for lessons that were demeaning and cruel.

If that wasn’t tantalizing enough, learn about what “spreading webs of non-dickishness” means, and find out how Jonathan’s naturally giving disposition brought him a celebrated tour in Taiwan. Theres more than this of course (I mean, we still had to fit in ‘stupid questions’), but I write enough run-on sentences as is.

(Warning! Because part 2 begins with ‘stupid questions’, there are a few vulgarities right at the beginning from 0:30 seconds to 2 mins in. but the episode quickly moves on)

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