Jeannette plays in a fair amount of places, and has been described in performance as a “waterbug” and a “tenacious squirrel”.  She aims at some point to be called a “rock of gibraltar”, but at 5’2 and under 100 lbs, she might have some work to do on that one.  

She is currently the pianist of the Garth Newel Piano Quartet, who perform over 60 concerts a year as artists in residence and artistic directors of the Garth Newel Music Center.

She finds herself also shy to talk about where she went to school, but whatever, right?  That’s what people are looking for when they click this page, and they’re going to judge her legitimacy as a pianist on where she was trained anyway.  Juilliard (BM -Bowel Movement!), Yale (MM, AD), University of Michigan (DMA).  She got a doctorate so that she could call herself Dr. Fang and eventually be cast in a Bond Movie as the piano-playing villain who only comes out at night to feast on the blood of tiger moms.  

Jeannette feels like she should make this longer, but feels more strongly that she should eat cookies and call it a night.