Piano, My Clunky, Clumsy, Brash Inelegant Cousin

A funny thing happened to me this summer. When I made the switch to harpsichord, I was positive that I would never play piano seriously again. I had fallen head over heels in love with the harpsichord. It was more … Continued

4 pianists walk into a bar

Every summer at Garth Newel’s there’s a keyboard weekend. It’s a tradition that started before my hire, and it involves 3 pianists descending onto Garth Newel to join me and give the term “piano quartet” a whole new meaning. You … Continued

Nice Piece 2: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

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For a long time I dismissed Franz Liszt as pianistic masturbation. For me his music was too bombastic, too over the top, too virtuosic for the sake of virtuosity. He was the Jerry Bruckheimer of piano music: gratuitous special effects, … Continued

Baby pianists

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If you’re my age, (32), you start becoming surrounded by babies. Not only are all your friends pregnant, you can’t log onto your Facebook feed without getting buffeted by so many chubby pink things to like that they all start … Continued

String Envy

When I started college my closest friends were a cellist and a violinist. Come to think of it, they were my only friends…but whatever, they were GOOD friends. The type of friends that you walk 120 blocks with because you’re … Continued

The Weird Pianos Club

If you’re a pianist that likes to work, you’ve probably played on some weird pianos. Which is a nice way of saying that you’ve probably played on some teeerrrrible pianos. And if you’ve been doing this for awhile now, you’ve … Continued