Stress Junkie

Everyone has their drug of choice. Mine is stress. Nothing gets me going more than having a lot to do, lots of projects on my plate, running around from place to place, trying to do anything and everything, always saying … Continued

Piano, My Clunky, Clumsy, Brash Inelegant Cousin

A funny thing happened to me this summer. When I made the switch to harpsichord, I was positive that I would never play piano seriously again. I had fallen head over heels in love with the harpsichord. It was more … Continued

Nice Piece 2: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

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For a long time I dismissed Franz Liszt as pianistic masturbation. For me his music was too bombastic, too over the top, too virtuosic for the sake of virtuosity. He was the Jerry Bruckheimer of piano music: gratuitous special effects, … Continued

Go Slow, Stupid

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Go slow. Take it one step at a time. Speed will come quicker than you think.   I said these things so often in my music theory classes this past semester that it almost became a mantra. My students probably … Continued

Nice piece #1

This is the inaugural blog post of an occasional series that will highlight a piece that we’re obsessed with. Hopefully it will introduce pieces that are new to you, reaffirm your own love for the piece, or make you see … Continued