Literally, so many wrong notes.

I struggle with the lameness of my blog posts this summer. Every lazy conclusion I hurriedly tack on deepens the shame of contributing to the wormhole of stupidity that is the internet. I know I’ve been phoning it in. The summer … Continued

Interview on NPR podcast “Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer”

It’s always thrilling to be interviewed by people who really know what they’re doing, and even more of a treat when they’re as kindred and hilarious as Tom Wilmer. I had the chance to chat with Tom Wilmer as part of the … Continued

Gettin’ weepy: performances that have opened the floodgates

(This week’s blog post is coming to you a day late because a very special house guest appeared on my doorstep early yesterday. Franny himself came by my place on the way to his performances at the Musical Minds Chamber … Continued


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 I hate writing my bio. Boasting about myself in the third person just seems wrong, like I’m writing my own obituary. Plus, thanks to my Catholic upbringing, it feels sinful. Like I’m engaging in excessive pride, and pride, as you … Continued


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Jeannette plays in a fair amount of places, and has been described in performance as a “waterbug” and a “tenacious squirrel”.  She aims at some point to be called a “rock of gibraltar”, but at 5’2 and under 100 lbs, … Continued