Baby pianists

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If you’re my age, (32), you start becoming surrounded by babies. Not only are all your friends pregnant, you can’t log onto your Facebook feed without getting buffeted by so many chubby pink things to like that they all start to look the same.

Naturally most of these babies come from musician parental units, and there are no shortage of chubby fingers trying to grasp bows and batons.

But the most common thing I see by far are babies at pianos. Toddlers tickling the ivories. Infants improvising on the keyboard. Rugrats reaching for Rachmaninoff…ok I’ll stop.

Anyway, I have a theory. (I mean, besides the fact that piano is like, the easiest thing to figure out how to play). I posit that all babies of musician couples are going to be pianists, because it is a magical instrument that is the best of them all.

(Piano No.1! Piano No.1!)

Actually, this is really just an excuse to post adorable videos of some babies I know being fascinated by the piano. Let me point out that babies have excellent hand position. They¬†just drop their whole arm onto the key. They don’t really have the strength to push and get in their own way, and they also don’t have enough finger independence to hold their wrists with any sort of rigidity. It’s really sort of brilliant – they just let gravity and weight take its course.

Much can be learned from babies.

Like –

If you’re small, get off your butt for better sound, as exemplified zestily by my niece, the daughter of a cellist and violinist:

Or if you just need a minute to think about your next musical choice, don’t be afraid to ask for it, like little Cole (son of Dan and Jessica of the Parker Quartet) does here:

I hope these babies helped your day. And if you have cuteness to share, please, the more babies at pianos, the better.

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