S3, episode 35: Stijn De Cock, part 1

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Jeannette sits down with pianist and pedagogue Stijn De Cock for a conversation on teaching, work/life balance, and much more. Stijn teaches at Florida State University, and is the founding director of the Brancaleoni International Music Festival. He will be … Continued

S3, episode 32: Money money money

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Who likes to talk about money? No one. Especially musicians. Ew. Gross. So low. Don’t sully yourself with this dirty money talk. Leave that to Franny and Jeannette in this episode. Except, they just think that everyone should be more … Continued

Season 3, ep.30: Bad Teacher (Part 1)

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Whats makes a good piano teacher? Franny talks with Jeannette about growing up as the daughter of NJ’s piano nazi, their teaching philosophies, influential teachers of their lives, and bushels more.

Season 3 – episode 27: Aisslinn the Rockstar, part 1

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Franny and I interview the brilliant Aisslinn Nosky, the baroque violinist extraordinaire whose electrifying performances get everyone buzzing. She has coming to Garth Newel Music Center for the past three summers to lead our Emerging Artist Fellows in a baroque … Continued

S2, episode 18: Joe Gascho-part 2

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My conversation with Joseph Gascho was so interesting that we couldn’t fit it into just one episode. For the 2nd part of our interview that started with episode 7, Joe talks about the instinct to go above and beyond as a teacher, … Continued

S2, episode 17: Holiday Question Time!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! And what better way to deal with the festivities than with a slew of stupid questions. We talk about everything from Christmas traditions, Mr. Hanky’s Christmas Classics, best gifts, Haley Joel Osment, favorite carols, … Continued

S2, episode 16: Joe Gascho-part 1

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Harpsichord phenom Joe Gascho may be uncomfortable with me introducing him as an awesome person, but he’s just going have to be ok with it, because if anyone is deserving of the title, it’s him. Find out why in this … Continued

S2, Ep.14: The stupid questions episode

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The stupid questions episode. What do Rachmaninoff and pancakes have in common? What does “singing like a pianist” mean? Find out on our first episode devoted purely to stupid questions. Let us know what you thought of this episode! Mostly … Continued

Literally, so many wrong notes.

I struggle with the lameness of my blog posts this summer. Every lazy conclusion I hurriedly tack on deepens the shame of contributing to the wormhole of stupidity that is the internet. I know I’ve been phoning it in. The summer … Continued

Interview on NPR podcast “Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer”

It’s always thrilling to be interviewed by people who really know what they’re doing, and even more of a treat when they’re as kindred and hilarious as Tom Wilmer. I had the chance to chat with Tom Wilmer as part of the … Continued

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